3M Speed Monitoring Signs
3M™ Driver Feedback Signs are designed to communicate the travel speed to the driver through a combination of radar and LED display. These signs have a high impact, polycarbonate face with a UV inhibitor and can be programmed to flash when motorists exceed the speed limit. Studies show that 3M™ Driver Feedback Signs are effective in helping motorists slow down, when compared to conventional speed limit signs.

Housed in a vandal and tamper-proof enclosure, these Signs are AC powered along with solar / battery power options. 3M™ Driver Feedback Signs also have additional features like Bluetooth-enabled software to configure the display (amber / red speed display / white strobe) and to set the switch on / switch off schedule. What’s more, speed data can be downloaded from the equipment and analyzed using 3M™ DFS Reporter Macro.

3M™ Driver Feedback Signs are best suited to enforce speed control in locations like dangerous curves, parks & recreation areas, school zones, speed transition zones, corporate campuses and town & city entrances.

  • More effective than speed limit signs
  • Communicates actual speed
  • A choice of control options
  • Durable and backed by a risk-free offer
3M Driver Feedback Sign3M Driver Feedback Sign Antitheft Rivet
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