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Sojourn is Atlantic Canada’s leading supplier of sign posts and sign mounting hardware. We stock a large selection of square tube and U-channel sign posts and hardware for mounting Regulatory and Warning signs as well as street name signs – both standard and custom.

Street Blade BracketDrive Head Street Blade BracketDrive Head Street Blade BracketDrive Head  
Square Tube Post
2"x 8' 14 Gg.: (TS1933-14)
2"x10' 14 Gg.: (TS1935-14)
2"x12' 14 Gg.: (TS1936-14)
2.25"x3' 12 Gg Base.: (TS1937-12)
2"x8' Post Kit: (TS1932-14)
2"x10' Post Kit: (TS1934-14)
2"x12' Post Kit: (TS1937-14)

U-Channel Post
2.5"x 10' Regular: (TS1949-10)
3"x 10' Rib Back: (TS1955-10)

Manual Drive Head Kit
2" Drive Head: (TS1989)
2.25" Drive Head: (TS1988)






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